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Magnom Magnetic Filters clean micron sub-micron size ferrous particles from a wide range of fluids using our unique core technology. Many industrial fluids are contaminated with very aggressive ferrous debris , damaging the systems and degrading products.


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Engine Protection Efficient Magnetic filters now offer a huge advantage in increasing the

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At Magnom we specialise in magnetic filters/separators for lubrication, hydraulics,

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At Magnom we specialise in magnetic filters/separators for lubrication, hydraulics, water and gas systems. These are installed into systems to improve functionality and remove ferrous based debris contaminants. It is important to understand how our filters/separators work in comparison to normal conventional filters.

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Magnom™ Clear 5. The Clear 5 is a brass headed unit that features a clear bowl for easy condition monitoring. The unique design of the Magnom™ core technology enables the monitoring of contaminant build up even with opaque fluids.

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Magnom™ supersedes all magnetic filters. Magnom™ compliments in some cases replaces conventional barrier filters with pre post or stand-alone filtration. For:- Independent Analysis, Results Evaluation, please click the link below.

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The Magnom PFU Range is designed to be used in conjunction with a matching designated Spin-On filter.(see data sheet for details). Special Features Benefits It is simple and easy to fit, and offers system wide protection from super hard and sharp metal contaminants, that can not be removed with conventional filters.

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The Magnom™ magnetic filter is planned to be utilised on at least one current Land Systems project.” Ian Rees (Managing Director, Quorum Logistic Support) “We made cost reductions, too, compared to the conventional disposable filters we normally supply and the end-user has the added advantage of reduced future maintenance costs.

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Magnom’s patented technology is used to produce inexpensive filtration units, typically fitted in addition to conventional mechanical mesh filters. Magnom units have exceptionally long life and a design which enables them to capture a surprisingly large mass of ferrous material, filtering particle sizes down to 0.07µ (1µ, or micron = one ...

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Magnom magnetic submicron filters The patented Magnom filters are based on a simple idea: fluids are cleaned of ferrous particles by a magnet. Removing ferrous particles (as small as 0.07um.) they remove the key cause of wear within a fluid system; especially in critical parts with tight tolerances, such as engines and pumps.


To help support your Magnom magnetic filtration systems we keep an assortment of replacement parts (seals and spacers) in stock. Full Magnom kits are also being developed to make you rapplications easier like the CP20 Kidney Loop Kit. Please contact us if you have any additional needs about any of our replacement parts or kits we have available.

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Hydraulic systems are increasingly sophisticated and prone to wear and repair. Whayne's new MAGNOM filtration technology is designed to remove extremely damaging ferrous contaminants as small as .07 microns from hydraulic, fuel and lubrication systems, allowing you to dramatically improve contamination control and reduce machine wear.. Learn more about Magnom Filters or go through one of our ...

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All Magnom products can be fitted easily, either at the initial build stage or fitted into existing systems. Hydraulic pumps are a critical element of any hydraulic circuit and Magnom’s Pump Mate helps protect these pumps. These innovative magnetic suction strainers are low maintenance filters that reduce the risk of pump cavitation.

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"Magnom provides advanced fluid conditioning solutions to benefit customers and the environment. We operate in selected segments of a significant worldwide market, working in close partnership with customers, distributors, suppliers, industry and universities.

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Magnom Filters. 1,496 likes. Magnom technology is designed to remove the very small, very hard and extremely damaging ferrous contaminants from hydraulic, fuel and lubrication systems.

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2014-7-17  Magnetic filtration is the most effective means of removing problem ferrous particles from industrial fluids such as coolants, lubricants and wash solutions. All the benefits of Eclipse Magnetic filters are based on their ability to remove 100%* of ferrous particles including sub-micron particles from the process. Traditional filtration

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2016-3-31  Magnetic filtration can be used in almost any environment where ferrous, para-magnetic and grinding medium contamination of a liquid is a problem. Significantly lower operating costs. Longer lasting fluids. Magnetic filters remove particles smaller than one micron in size. Traditional barrier filters leave particles smaller than 5 microns

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Buy online Magnom Magnetic Filter Oil Inline Process Units at Hydraulics Direct. Find near me Filtration and magnom filters.

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2020-5-20  Magnom Corp 74 followers on LinkedIn Micro ferrous particles account for the majority of failures in fluid systems. Magnom™ Magnetic Filters remove ferrous particles from a wide range of ...

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Magnom magnetic submicron filters are manufactured to remove ferrous particles with the help of a magnet. Filters can remove ferrous particles smaller than 0.07um and eradicate the main cause of wear in the fluid system. The engines and pumps have great tolerance. It is important to remove micros...

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Using magnetic field technology, Magnom filters can reduce or even eliminate the requirement for consumable filter elements and the associated disposal costs. It achieves this without incurring the age-old problem of pressure drop, even when the filter element is full.

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Magnom Filters. Related Links. ... Magnom supplies their patented magnetic filtration solutions for fluid systems that is able to filter particle sizes down to 0.07µ without impeding fluid flow. Magnom filtration is used in hundreds of applications worldwide, ranging from Formula 1 cars, where absolute fluid purity is essential to avoid wear ...